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Solution focused Hypnotherapy

We do not usually resolve problems by drawing on our deficits. Instead we can use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help you to focus on the positive aspects of here and now. We want to enable thinking using the intellectual part of our brain because this is where we generally feel good about things and not the primitive part; which is where our emotions/fears originate from.

Our intellectual mind helps us to cope better with scenarios and keeps us brave, confident, relaxed, determined. Generally this helps us to get things right in life. So by learning to think from that part of the brain we can cope better with our problems.

Solution Focused Therapy combines cognitive behavioral therapy with hypnotherapy to achieve trance, much the same used in meditation to enable you and the therapist to concentrate on a single idea or focus. Ever driven a car and not remembered part of the journey? Or become lost in a conversation and wondered what was just said? This is trance! It is very ordinary in many ways and we go into trance by ourselves many times a day. It is very natural and therefore the most easiest thing in the world to contrive.

In our world of technology it is ever easier to find the answers to our questions and we don’t even have to type anymore. Our smart phones are becoming part of our lives. Our own interior smart technology is far more complicated, knowledgeable and adaptive however, but does not have all the answers to hand.

It is ok to be you (unless your a serial killer of course)! But not everyone has to like you and you do not have to like them. As our lives become busier we strive to succeed and fit in. We try to please and do better, or strive for top marks and compete with each other. Getting the promotion or cramming more into our day to keep up with things puts immense pressure on ourselves and can create problems for us. Long term stresses and complications in life can create new routines and habits and create a lost identity effect within our personality. We can almost feel as though we have been swallowed up and drowned with emotions.
Caring for someone over a long period of time or leaving a relationship or job can cause a lack of confidence and fear. Our subconscious mind is habitual and does not like change.

Hypnotherapy can help you to find the person who you really want to be again even if you are unsure of who that person is.

Whoever you are YOU are important!

Within a safe environment of the clinic, or conducting remote sessions using Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp together we can unlock your habitual mind and help you to restore and make new behavior patterns that feel right for you and help you to find the confidence to shine as you rightly should.

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For further information on any of my services, please call me today using the telephone number at the top of this page or alternatively, please complete the form on our contact us page and I will be happy to respond to your query as soon as I can.

What my clients say

Testimonials from a range of other clients I’ve helped are below.

If you’d like to understand what my clients feel during a hypnotherapy session, please take a moment to watch these short videos. Testimonials from a range of other clients I’ve helped are below.

Testimonial for a sleep disorder

“ I’ve never slept so well since dealing with those water melons. Thank you.”

Testimonial for anxiety

“ You have changed my life! Who would have thought I would be going to college. ”

Ms C from Bracknell

College student

Testimonial for an eating disorder

“Im so grateful. Tonight I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in 2 years. I feel happy and free. Thank you.”

Ms R from Sandhurst

Testimonial from a new clients’ first visit

“I had my first session with Lisa the other day and can say I’m really pleased. Before my first session I was anxious, had knots in my stomach and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I have a tendency to overthink situations and regardless of how lovely Lisa was on the phone I was still going to be anxious on the day because I’d created a number of scenarios of what might happen on the day.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Lisa and welcomed into her office. Lisa is calm and friendly and really makes you feel at ease. Instantly I was calmer and ready to engage in the session.

First Lisa talks through the issues you’re having so a solution can be brought about. Lisa then explains how the brain works and what might be happening in your case, throughout this entire process I had a number of ‘light bulb’ moments when Lisa was explaining why the brain does what it does and what you need to do to reduce it from happening. We then had a relaxation session, of which I drifted in and out so can’t tell you what was said exactly, all I know is I was very relaxed by the end of it and after a break before driving home I found I was very calm whilst driving and only had a positive mindset immediately afterwards.

Lisa also shared some light reading with me so I could remind myself of what we had discussed and provided me with a recording that I should listen to before bed. The first night I listened to it I was asleep before the end of the recording and had a better than usual nights sleep. I have continued to listen to this and it is really helping, I’m now looking forward to my next session and what benefits this will bring me.”

S from Bracknell

New client

Testimonial from an IBS sufferer

“Lisa is brilliant, she listens without judging which helped me overcome IBS.  I now have my life back.
Thank you Lisa”.

M from Bracknell

IBS sufferer

Testimonial regarding a spider phobia

I have had my fourth session with Lisa today at Mindful Solutions and she is absolutely amazing! She has helped me with my spider phobia, stress and is now helping me through the grief of losing my Dad earlier this year. She is professional, kind, empathetic and is very in tune with how to help you. We all need help to get through difficult things in life and having tried a couple of other people, I have finally found Lisa and she is FANTASTIC!!!! xxxxxxx



Testimonial for panic attacks

Lisa is a wonderful human full of insight into my issues with anxiety and taught me a lot about working through my worries and overcoming panic attacks. Cannot recommend Lisa enough, she has such a calming energy and I found inner peace and confidence when I was with her. Thanks again.



Testimonial from a needle phobia client

My daughter had an extreme vaccination phobia. We explored all options (including 12 sessions of CBT) and her lack of imunisation was affecting her life (travelling and university). Two nurses on different attempts to administer the injections told us that the only way they had seen people get over needle phobia was through hypnotherapy. So, we gave Lisa a try. She was fantastic, put my daughter at ease and made sure that I knew what was happening. The whole experience was positive from start to finish, I was optimistic that it would work following the first meeting with Lisa. After 3 sessions with Lisa, my daughter went willingly to the appointment to get her injections and let the nurse give them to her. I am so relived that she is now up to date with her vaccinations and totally credit Lisa for us being in this position.


Review from her mother

Testimonial for weight loss

I was struggling with my weight so decided to try some sessions with Lisa. It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. 1 hour into my 1st session everything became clear to what I was doing and why. I’ve found a positivity in me that I didn’t realise I had and people are noticing. I am in control of my mind and body now. If this is something you have thought about doing and thought it won’t help me – please give a try. Lisa makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the door. Can’t thank her enough xx



Testimonial for stress

I always left feeling like I’d had a long weekend not just a half-hour in a meditative state. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, she truly was everything you’d want in a hypnotherapist; sweet, kind, calming and purposeful. She started with a lovely cuppa and a chat, and then got to the meditation. Within just a few sessions I felt materially better. Five stars for sure!



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