The use of hypnosis gives the individual a way of managing their internal experiences for themselves, so that they can eventually move from feelings of pain and misery to those of acceptance and calm.

Sometimes, a person can find it difficult to move forward when they are grieving and  hypnotherapy can be particularly helpful. It enables someone to work through the stages of bereavement subconsciously and therefore develop the capacity to promote their own natural healing processes

Bereavement can be defined as any reaction occurring in response to losing someone or something important to us. Reactions can range from feelings of sadness, sorrow, and mourning to anguish or desolation, depending upon the type of loss experienced.

Whatever the circumstances, it is hoped that eventually initial states of shock, denial, yearning and even depression can be worked through so that eventually a state of acceptance may enable the bereaved person to move constructively forward through life again.

Bereavement is a natural state that is likely to touch most people at one time or another, given the stark fact that everyone who is born has to die at sometime or another and that others in their lives will be affected by their death. Hypnotherapy, dealing as it does with the unconscious mind, has a highly positive part to play in helping to make the process of bereavement less painful and more manageable.

How hypnotherapy can help with Bereavement

Lowering levels of fear, loneliness
Facilitating acceptance of loss
Exploration of current relationships
Increasing levels of self esteem
Identifying problems such as internal barriers; past experiences; eating patterns; lack of exercise
Emphasising feelings of general well-being
Positive future visualisations, access of hope for the future