The most common reason that clients come to see me is for anxiety. Anxiety gives so many symptoms and Bruxism is just one. Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of treatment and using hypnosis, your mind is given a chance to learn a sort of more pro active way to control anxiety.

Over 10 million adults are affected in the UK according to the Bruxism Association and 20% of children grind their teeth at night.

According to evidence researched, ( ) it is estimated that 50% to 95% of the adult population will have suffered Bruxism at some point in their lives.

What is Bruxism

The sufferer can grind their teeth on numerous occasions during one nights sleep causing sleep disruption and resulting in more anxiety during the days that follow. Potentially causing tooth damage and jaw problems, this is not a nice condition to have. Teeth grinding can often be linked to all three different types of sleep apnea too.

As the soft tissues of the mouth, tongue and throat become relaxed it makes breathing difficult and can lead to our breathing becoming disturbed and interrupted. One of our bodies natural defences is to grind our teeth to enable our airway to reopen and recover our natural breathing pattern.

Of course Bruxism can be a tightening of the jaw muscles and affect the muscles as well as grinding our teeth. It can cause other symptoms such as headaches, ear ache, joint damage, neck and shoulder discomfort. The
most common form of treatment is given by a dentist or orthodontist who would supply teeth guards but not treat the underlying cause.

Hypnosis for Bruxism

Hypnosis helps to assess stress and negativity on a subconscious level. As you’ll be aware, it’s no good just saying “I must not grind my teeth” or simply being aware of the problem because the grinding comes from a place in your subconscious mind that does not listen or learn the same way that your conscious mind listens and learns.

This is why hypnosis can help and calm the anxiety that triggers the behaviour and in turn, create a calmer and cosier night sleep for you. You may also benefit from learning self hypnosis and mindfulness from your sessions with me and this will help to compliment your sessions between session

Look forward to sweet dreams and wake with a lovely smile.