Hypnotherapy can help you to re-learn how to be confident and positive. Your self-confidence can improve with hypnosis because your confidence was always there anyway. You were born with confidence and generally it’s just life experiences and ‘knocks’ that lower our levels of confidence and self belief.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps to remove a lot of the unhelpful beliefs and confusing interference in the way you talk to yourself so that you can focus on what you want. You can start to develop new and exciting beliefs.

Because self confidence is such a natural and basic resource, lack of self confidence is often one of the reasons for lots of other problems and difficulties. Therefore when seeing clients for phobias, losing weight, stopping smoking etc. hypnotherapists often work on confidence first of all and the reason for this is that if you achieve more confidence, just about every area of your life will change in some way.

When you become more confident how do you expect to feel? 

What will you do with your new found self confidence

In hypnotherapy you will be encouraged to consider questions such as these and to actually start to imagine and prepare for a more confident future where other goals become much easier to achieve day-by-day.

When we lack confidence in our abilities we often have negative views of either future or are introspective about the past. With solution focused hypnotherapy anxiety can be reduced, unwanted behaviour patterns eliminated and subconscious processes developed to be more optimistic and motivated to succeed. This is part of the successful treatment of of problem areas such as public speaking, interviews and exams.