Frequently Asked Questions

About Hypnotism

Thank-you for visiting this page of questions I am regularly asked by people. I’ve done my best to answer them all but if you’d like to chat or ask another, please get in touch. Tap the questions to see the answers.

Can I have my session at home?

Yes. There are many different ways therapy can be given and using the clinic at Forest Park is just one. I can conduct sessions using Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp too.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the term used for the trance like state that we go in and out of many times a day. It’s what you probably know as daydreaming and we all know how often we do that. Hypnosis is very similar only the difference might be is that your eyes can be closed to optimise the hypnosis process and will aid your relaxation and visualisation. Your therapist will guide you and help you to imagine nice things (similar to daydreaming) to enhance your relaxation for therapeutic change to begin.

How should I chose a hypnotherapist?

Make sure you select a registered member of an accredited organisation such as NCH ( National Council of Hypnotherapy). They will ensure the hypnotherapist is required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and holds the HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma). This is a highly respected course which is recognised within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Island and has Open University Approved credit rating.

Are there any dangers?

None. You will be in a safe environment with a qualified therapist and you will simply be relaxed.

Will I lose consciousness during hypnosis?

Most people can and will go into atleast a light trance but are always in control of everything that happens. This is not stage hypnosis which is very different and this is explained through the initial consultation. Trance is like daydreaming and yet we are still alert of what is around us and are more than capable of moving, swallowing etc while relaxed.

Can I get stuck in trance?

No. Just like all trance states or sleep, when you are left alone you would naturally wake up.

Can you make me do something I don’t want to?

No. You are aware throughout hypnosis what your actions are and the therapist cannot make you do things you do not want to do.

How many sessions will I need?

This is very much dependant on the issue and also your own level of participation and willingness to co operate with the therapy process itself. Your hypnotherapist will review your progress throughout and always help you to make your changes in the minimum amount of sessions required. It’s worth remembering though that you are ‘the boss’ of you and only you know when you feel better. Some people will find 3-4 sessions worked well for them but others may want more and for long standing conditions such as depression or anxiety may take 10-12 sessions. Help with phobias and fears usually need 3 sessions if anxiety is not involved and help to stop smoking usually needs a 2 hour session.

How often will I need to see the hypnotherapist?

The answer depends on the type of problem and the progress made. For general therapy I would suggest once a week to start with but some clients will chose to have a session once every two weeks or a month. We are all different and there are not set rules.

Will I be “put under” or go to sleep?

No is the simple answer. Throughout your hypnosis session you will be aware of your surroundings and sounds. You can move, talk, swallow even keep your eyes open.

Will I be aware of what is happening?

Yes, at all times