Hypnotherapy can be exceptionally beneficial for unexplained infertility and as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I can help women give birth peacefully. Teaching ladies that a normal birth should be a calm and natural process. I teach simple but specialised relaxation, breathing, and other techniques, making the whole birth easier and more comfortable.

Hypnotherapy teaches you to let go of any emotional blocks or worries you may have that can create infertility issues. You’ll be amazed how emotional issues can interfere with the bodies natural conceiving capabilities.  Hypnotherapy can help you identify and process emotions and help to reduce stress which in turn, allow your body to balance hormones and chemicals to enable conceiving. There are many hormones and chemicals involved and in some cases too much prolactin can be produced  The hypothalamus stops secreting gonadotrophin hormone, which in turn will affect the release of both the luteinising hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone which can inhibit ovulation.

In a relaxed environment in my therapy room at Maple Clinic, we work together to bring about positive attitudes and beliefs. Using hypnosis to develop a calmer mind can allow the return of a healthy balance of hormones. 

You can give your unconscious mind free rein here and allow yourself to be creative, free, and prepared to follow your heart’s wishes allowing your body to do what it needs to do naturally.