For most of my adult life I’ve done battle with weight. I can’t admit to trying every diet on the planet as I’ve only done a few, but I did those few repeatedly! I always did well as I was very well motivated but as soon as I got close to my goal I seemed to sabotage all the good I had done and then seemed to go back to old habits and usually put more weight on than when I started with.

Our relationship with food begins minutes after we are born. As babies we cry and we are fed and comforted simultaneously. Many of us retain this subconscious association with food which can result in us eating too much of the “comfort foods” we crave at certain times e.g. When we are stressed; lonely or bored. Alternatively, our experiences may lead us to view food as our enemy, resulting in our weight falling below healthy guidelines.

So a few years ago I made myself a promise – I would never go on a structured diet again as I was fed up with the yoyo effect. This time not through diet but through changing my mindset, reducing portion sizes, bringing in some additional healthy foods, incorporating some hypnotherapy and increasing my exercise.

I didn’t stop eating treats but excepted and allowed myself them in moderation but most of all learned to see that it was not a total failure when I had eaten a chocolate bar but learned to notice how far I had come in the journey to my goal and picked up from where I had left and carried on.

Now some may call this a diet, but to me it was simply bringing in some changes that I could live with and taking a reality check of where my life was heading towards health and lifestyle. I did this mainly by focusing on the other areas of my life i.e. not the food! The reason for this is simple, in most of our lives it’s not the actual food that’s the problem (unbelievably!). The problem can be boredom, stress, a need for reward, the list is endless.

Over a reasonably short period I lost 3 stone and now I’m happy to tick along losing a pound here and there but keeping on the right track. Occasionally a few pounds will go on but I refuse to get in a state about it as I recognise if I focus on the bad things then I get demotivated, so what’s the point? When I really focus on what I’ve achieved and, possibly more importantly, what I would like to achieve, then I’m able to stay on track – especially when I utilise hypnotherapy as well!

I’m very happy to work with people who do wish to use a structured diet or the opposite with people who feel they have an eating disorder from binge eating to not eating enough and I will do all I can to help you stay on track using my experience and what I think is the powerful tool of hypnotherapy. I’m obviously very happy to work with people who wish to simply get a different relationship with food (and drink for that matter), as this can make a massive difference to your weight).

So whether you’re dieting or want to change your pattern of eating or exercise, I’m very willing to walk beside you and encourage you! For hypnotherapy to work with weight management, you need to understand that you have to get on board with the process and work with me, i.e. it’s not me and the hypnotherapy working by ourselves, you need to work with us! Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, an aid that helps promote change within the brain, shifting previously set patterns of behaviour and encouraging you to smile broadly as you start achieving your goals – but you still need to do some work.

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