Hypnotherapy can be a powerful intervention for persistent tension headaches and providing your doctor has confirmed your headache is unrelated to any other clinical condition, can be an amazing help. 

You really know when things are getting on top of you – your head starts to pound – sometimes this can lead to a whole night of pain or if you are a migraine sufferer a day in bed.

You might not have any idea why your headaches appear – they just do – and then you are incapacitated. Why does this keep happening?

Headaches can manifest for a number of reasons – usually stress , worries, undue pressure with work or the family. Headaches can range from environmentally induced (air conditioning, noise), periodic episodes that cause temporary discomfort to intense migraines that fully incapacitate. They can interrupt concentration and prevent you carrying out important tasks. If migraines or headaches become ‘the norm’ they can sometimes indicate an underlying issue which may benefit from being addressed using hypnotherapy.

Just learning the skill of relaxation will help calm the mind alone, releasing tension and allowing your mind to calm the chaos of thoughts and pain.