Hypnotherapy can help by encouraging your mind to relax, inducing a relaxed state of awareness where our conscious and unconscious minds merge and we begin to focus on the solution to our problem. 

This can be achieved without agonising over the painful detail or going around in circles. Solution focused hypnotherapy will help you find the solutions to your problems quickly and naturally. We are all familiar with stress and in small doses it can help give us increased energy and alertness. We all react differently to stress and each of us can handle different levels of pressure and anxiety before suffering overload. 

Incidences or situations are not necessarily stressful in themselves, it is more a case of how we react to them which can cause us problems. Only you can determine your own comfortable stress levels and if the level of pressure becomes too great, our ability to cope diminishes. Too much persistent stress can be overwhelming and can lead to anxiety and depression. Our mind can become so full that our concentration and memory are impacted and our lives can be tougher than needed. 

Hypnotherapy is quite literally, something you can do at home. You’ll be given a CD/Mp3 download to help your mind reevaluate the causes of worry and stress and together with your sessions in the clinic you can get back calmness and perspective. 


I always left feeling like I’d had a long weekend not just a half-hour in a meditative state. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, she truly was everything you’d want in a hypnotherapist; sweet, kind, calming and purposeful. She started with a lovely cuppa and a chat, and then got to the meditation. Within just a few sessions I felt materially better. Five stars for sure!

Kerry (Ascot)