Hypnotherapy in Bracknell

So what is hypnotherapy and how does it work I hear you ask?

To begin to answer let me explain what happens when you come to see me.

In a relaxed environment we will begin the initial consultation which consists of me asking some questions about you i.e What do you do for a living and what your hobbies are? This is the start of helping me to understand you so I can tailor the therapy to your needs and requirements. This consultation is a source of gathering information from me and you and ensuring that we will be able to work together to achieve any objectives. This will sometimes last around 60 minutes and also includes my simple explanation of how the mind works to help you understand how hypnotherapy works. During this time I will talk about the differences in the different types of therapies available, how habits effect our moods, how what we think makes us feel and even how antidepressant medication amongst others can influence our feelings and therefor our actions.

Following directly after the consultation you will have your first hypnotherapy session (although there is no obligation to this and the session can end or proceed as you wish). Your first hypnotherapy session will usually be of 30-45 minutes.

When your initial consultation is concluded you will receive a free MP3/CD download for relaxation which can also be used inbetween your sessions and will form part of your programme.

More relaxation downloads are available for purchase (see below).

So back to the question! How does it work?

Our brain in an amazing tool which many people do not know how to utilise to its fullest potential. Some of you will be amazed to hear that our brain cannot tell the difference between real and imagined thoughts. This research has shown that rehearsing an event mentally can improve performance alone, without physical practise. However this works both ways! Understanding that our mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagined a person can easily negatively forecast the future and create anxieties.
Our understanding of how the brain works, your motivation to help yourself achieve your goals are just a few ways to bring about therapeutic change.

How much does it cost?

Telephone consultation with Lisa is free of charge

Due to the Corona Virus situation, most sessions are being conducted remotely using WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype for a temporary period of unknown time. This can work to the clients advantage as the session is given in your own surroundings and comfort and can help to relax you even further. If requested, sessions can be conducted in the clinic as before, but this will be decided on an individual basis and need.

Initial session

(Total duration: 90 -120 minutes)

£120 £90.00 (Discounted for a limited time only. Saving you £30.00)

Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent Sessions £60.00
(approx 55 minutes)

6 Sessions including the initial consultation (block booked) £370.00 (Total discount of £50.00)

Stop Smoking

Smoking Cessation is one session £180.00 £150 (Discounted for a limited time only. Saving you £30.00)
(approx 90-120 minutes, includes free CD/ mp3 file)

Specific Fears and Phobias will normally take 3 or 4 sessions to resolve at the cost of £60.00 per session.

Private health care and insurance – Lisa’s HPD qualification and NCH and CNCH memberships as the “gold standard” is accepted by private health insurers. Check your policy.

The prices shown above include the Welcome to Trance CD/MP3 support.


All audio support is designed to promote calmness and relaxation but does not in anyway guarantee success.


This professionally recorded audio cd is designed to help those with wanting to build their confidence in any area of their life. This can be used for personal to career development and can give you that boost to start enjoying your life more with an internal power that you already have but have not put to full use.

Confidence MP3 Download via Whatsapp £4.99 (22.49 minutes)

Confidence CD recording including postage to UK £7.99 (22.49 minutes)


This professionally recorded audio cd is specifically for those who would benefit from a little more ‘me time’. Designed to help the listener learn the importance of being comfortable being who they are and to find the beginning of being kind to yourself.

Self Esteem MP3 Download via Whatsapp £4.99 (30.20 minutes)

Self Esteem CD recording including postage to UK £7.99 (30.20 minutes)


This professionally recorded cd is designed to help those that wish to make changes in their life or are having to make changes to their life. Helping the mind to understand that any change can be thought upon as positive and therefor creating calmness while change happens.

Creating Change MP3 Download via Whatsapp £4.99 (23.26 minutes)

Creating Change CD recording including postage to UK £7.99 (23.26 minutes)


This professionally recorded cd is for anyone and any age. A very calming and relaxing sound track designed to help you to sleep or simply relax. This is a completely generic recording for calming any person at any time in their life helping you to cope much better.

Welcome to Trance MP3 Download via Whatsapp £4.99 (17.57 minutes)

Welcome to Trance CD recording including postage to UK £7.99 (17.57 minutes)