Four week course for beginners:-

Mindful Solutions Hypnotherapy can now offer a mindfulness workshop for anxiety and depression. Over a four week period you will be taught a better understanding of how mindfulness can help you manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety. These symptoms are different for everyone and this is one of the reasons why mindfulness is a skill worth learning. 

“Your mind has created the problem so we can learn to allow the mind to find the solution to the problem”

In today’s world of seeming ever increasing stresses and anxieties, it is easy for the mind to get caught up in the turmoil of over thinking and predicting, over assessing and assuming. Mindfulness is a method and may I mention, NICE recommended, to slow down the thought process and can help to put thoughts and feelings back into perspective. 

You do not need any mindfulness or therapy experience to benefit from this workshop nor do you need any qualifications. Lisa will be your tutor and explains and teaches in a very understandable and pleasant manner via online. 

You can register or enquire for more information at the bottom of this page.

Contents of the workshop are as follows:

First Meeting

  1. Personal introductions
  2. Explanation of who I am for those who do not know
  3. Expectations of this workshop
  4. Welcome to your mind
  5. Explanation of how your mind works
  6. Inclusion of Amygdala, Left Pre Frontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus
  7. What is mindfulness?
  8. Explanation of the differences between mindfulness and hypnotherapy
  9. How does it work?
  10. Explanation of how to calm our mind and create a chosen focus
  11. Exercise/practice
  12. How can mindfulness help me?
  13. Teaching how to implement mindfulness in daily life including the home, family, relationships, office
  14. The benefits of mindfulness
  15. Who’s your Amygdala?
  16. Exercise
  17. Mindfulness session to conclude our first meeting

Second meeting

  1. Personal experiences 
  2. Of mindfulness since the first meeting
  3. Recognition when mindfulness has and can be used
  4. Exercise
  5. Mindfulness technique using pictures
  6. How to implement this exercise in daily life
  7. Advantages of mindfulness knowledge
  8. The Bucket
  9. Explanation of how stress is stored within your mind
  10. How to improve concentration and focus
  11. How to gain clarity and perspective
  12. Setting realistic and achievable goals 
  13. Mindfulness session to conclude our second meeting

Third meeting

  • Personal experiences
  • How have you implemented mindfulness ?
  • How has mindfulness helped you?
  • Exercise
  • An item to practice mindfulness
  • Select an item and/or personal practice for mindfulness and configure your own mindfulness practice
  • Chemical responses of your mind
  • What is Serotonin?
  • How to create Serotonin and its influences
  • The consequences of creating Cortisol and Adrenaline when not required
  • Mindfulness session to conclude our third meeting

Final meeting

  • Congratulations
  • Achievements of mindfulness
  • Revision
  • Briefing on how your mind works
  • Creating stress and consequences 
  • How to create calmness, attention, clarity, perspective
  • Session
  • Mindfulness session (40 mins)


The price for this four week workshop is £240

Payment can be made via bank transfer or through the workshop payment page