Making improvements with employee health, productivity and wellbeing is the goal when working with people in the workplace and Solution Hypnotherapy can help with all of them. 

There are so many statistics out there (and here) that conclude that there is still room for improvement for employers to help employees with mental health. At Mindful Solutions, we bring therapy to the office wether it is in the form of group therapy or individual. Research shows that for every £1 spent creating employee potential, a yield of up to £9 on ROI can be created for employers.

Here is a graph I compiled to show a percentage of statistics of people in the workplace suffering stress/anxiety

Therapy in the workplace can create greater performance from employees with improved communications, motivation and management, therefore reducing staff turnover and in turn, resulting in fewer customer complaints too. 

Solution Focused Therapy is a positive and gentle type of therapy enabling the person to return back to their place of work straight after their session. Throughout our sessions together we will talk and possibly use hypnosis and/or mindfulness to help any situation. Our sessions are not just workplace orientated but personal as well.

 Statistics show that 89% of people with mental health issues report that it impacts their working life but 95% will take sick leave and give a different explanation for their leave. 

It is difficult for even the best employers to support their staff when the cause of the problems can be hidden so well and allowing therapy to enter the workplace will help in more ways than one.