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In our world of technology it is ever easier to find the answers to our questions and we don’t even have to type anymore. Our smart phones are becoming part of our lives. Our own interior smart technology is far more complicated, knowledgable and adaptive however, but does not have all the answers to hand.

It is ok to be you (unless your a serial killer of course)! But not everyone has to like you and you do not have to like them. As our lives become busier we strive to succeed and fit in. We try to please and do better, o strive for top marks and compete with each other. Getting the promotion or cramming more into our day to keep up with things puts immense pressure on ourselves and can create problems for us. Long term stresses and complications in life can create new routines and habits and create a lost identity effect within our personality. We can almost feel as though we have been swallowed up and drowned with emotions.
Caring for someone over a long period of time or leaving a relationship or job can cause a lack of confidence and fear. Our subconscious mind is habitual and does not like change.

Hypnotherapy can help you to find the person who you really want to be again even if you are unsure of who that person is.